What, When & Why of Using Compost

Grab N' Grow

Confused about taking care of your soil?  Soils Plus in Sonoma is here to help! As we all know, in order to grow healthy, vigorous plants we need healthy, vigorous soil. It’s vital that you take some time to prep your soil with compost before any plants go in the ground. Soil with more clay and organic matter in its composition will do wonders for retaining water and keeping your plants satiated. This ability to hold water will help your plants during periods of drought and will greatly reduce your water use in the garden. Compost also helps give your plants that boost of nitrogen as well as a whole range of vitamins and minerals. So, apply it liberally!

Using Compost in the Spring

Your garden soil is spent from providing nutrients for your vegetables and flowers all summer long & rain can wash away a lot of the beneficial organisms over the winter.  Be ready for this year’s spring planting by adding compost to your garden now.  Applying it now allows the beneficial nutrients & microorganisms to take hold in your soil so you are ready to plant when the time is right.

How To Add Compost

There are many ways to incorporate compost into your garden. The goal is to apply a layer that’s about an inch thick to all parts of your garden, and then till it into the top layer of soil. If a certain crop is an especially heavy feeder then add a little more.  Check out this BLOG POST to learn more.

Grab N’ Grow offers many types of soil products and we are happy to help you figure out which formula will work best in your garden.

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