What materials can I drop off at Soils Plus?

We accept clean asphalt, concrete, porcelain, and rock. For information on our drop-off program, please visit our recycling page.

Do you have samples available?

We have a display in our office that provides customers a chance to see and the touch the materials from our yard. We can provide a small bag of sample material if needed.

What material can I use to fill muddy pot holes?

3/4″ Drain Rock is suitable. It does not contain any fines and will stay confined in the hole.

What material can I use on my driveway?

We recommend our  Class 2 Virgin Aggregate Base, which has fines for compaction or our Class 2 Recycle Aggregate Base, which is comprised of crushed concrete, asphalt, porcelain, and brick. Our Recycle Base is the more cost effective product for this application. If mud is a problem on your driveway during the winter months,  our 3/4″ or 1 ½ ” drain rock will create a firm surface.

What product can I use under a concrete slab?

Any material can be used under a concrete slab, though 3/8″ chip and 3/4″ drain are self-compacting materials. If you use subbase or base rock, you will need to compact the material before you pour your concrete.

How many feet are in a cubic yard?

27 ft.

How can I tell how much material I need?

Please visit our Calculator page.

I need to put in a French Drain. What material can I use?

Depending on the amount of drainage you need, we carry 3/4″ or 1 ½” inch drain rock. The bigger the rock the better the drainage, because the space voids will carry excess moisture away.

What product is best for my horse arena?

You can use our builder’s sand or our 7/16″ quarry fines.

How do you sell your materials?

All aggregate materials are sold and weighed by the ton at Soils Plus. All soil, compost, mulch, and bark materials are sold and weighed by the cubic yard, including our decomposed granite with or without stabilizer. All product pages on our website will denote whether the material is sold by the ton or the cubic yard.

Can I open a credit account?

Yes, credit accounts are available for both homeowners and contractors. Please download an application by click here.

What is the difference between your virgin and recycled aggregates?

Our virgin products only contain Aggregate Base Rock and rock fines. Our recycled base product can include concrete, asphalt, brick, porcelain and tile with rock fines. They both provide the exact same properties and support for your project, so it depends mainly on customer preference.

What’s the difference between compacting and self-compacting products?

Compacting products (Aggregate Base, Quarry Fines, Aggregate Subbase) contain rock fines that compact and require a material to be placed on top of them to keep the fines from turning muddy in the winter seasons. Non-compacting materials (Drain Rock, Chip, Rip Rap) do not contain fines, although due to the angular structure of the rock, the individual pieces will fit together to a degree. Non-compacting products do not require a cover material.

Is Soils Plus a certified weight scale?

Yes, please call us at (707) 996-3400 for current rates.