Fire Resources


After the devastating North Bay firestorm many questions still remain.  The rebuilding process has begun but it can be tough to understand all of the details.  Below are some fire resources to help answer any questions you may still have about rebuilding, erosion control & stormwater filtration, and how Soiland, Soils Plus, Stony Point Rock Quarry & Grab N’ Grow are here to help.

  • One of the most comprehensive websites for fire resource general information is
  • Erosion control over the winter & rainy season is going to be a huge focus in the upcoming months.  Here is an article discussing the importance of erosion control & soil rebuilding after a fire:  EROSION & SOIL ARTICLE
  • Grab N’ Grow is currently running a special on Organic Arbor Mulch to provide an affordable option for erosion control.  Learn more HERE.
  • As homeowners clear out their lots we are also seeing a large uptick in green debris & yard waste drop-offs.  Grab N’ Grow has decided to continue our summer hours to allow for this increased need.  Information on what we can accept is listed HERE.
  • Stormwater runoff after the fires will need to be filtered and clean from ash and debris.  The Wattle Guys are providing straw wattles to help with this effort.  Learn more about what they provide and their fire recovery efforts HERE.
  • Foundations and concrete rubble are in the process of being torn out.  If you are looking for a place to recycle your concrete, Stony Point Rock Quarry is contracted with the city to accept all clean loads of rubble.  Soils Plus in Sonoma is also available to take concrete.  Learn more about our concrete recycling program at Stony Point HERE and Soils Plus HERE.
  • There is a great concern for flooding due to the fire-ravaged soil that can no longer absorb rainwater and lack of vegetation to slow down water flow rates in heavy rainfall.   Stony Point Rock Quarry & Soils Plus are both prepared with sand and bags for anyone concerned about flooding at their property.