North County Bounty ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend

ProGrower’s Blend is pre-mixed with the proper ratios of high quality organic ingredients to create a light, aerated blend that is pH balanced for professional growers. This inert blend is suitable for use with all liquid nutrient programs. This lightweight soilless blend contains no fertilizers and is an excellent medium for indoor growing systems. The dolomite lime and oyster shell flour help balance pH, while the locally sourced lava rock and perlite maintains proper aeration. This blend contains coco fiber, lava rock, perlite, redwood fiber mulch, oyster shell flour, and dolomite lime.

You can incorporate ProGrower’s Blend into your garden in a variety of ways. The simplest is to use this blend straight out of the bag in conjunction with your favorite liquid nutrient program. Some gardeners prefer to use this blend as a premium soilless base that can be amended into a super soil of your own design. It can even be used as a rooting medium for fresh cuttings.

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Per Yard $159.50
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