Specialty Products

Our yard has the ability to mix custom soil blends and construction-grade aggregate products. All specialty products are made to order and must be scheduled in advanced. Please click on the products below to learn more.

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  • Soils Plus Trommel

    Custom Blending

    Soils Plus is proud to offer custom soil blending & formulation. Whether you have a unique “Family Recipe,” need help formulating a mix, need help blending materials, or would just like more information about what ingredients work best, we’re happy to help!  Use our extensive list of materials or bring us your ingredients to create your own custom blend.  Once we have a mix created we can perform lab analysis to provide insight into how the mix will perform.

    Partial  list  of  ingredient  options:

    Lava Rock
    Mustard Seed Meal
    Oyster Shell

    Coco Coir
    Alfalfa Meal
    Blood Meal
    Bone Meal

    Seabird Guano
    Soft Rock Phosphate
    Kelp Meal
    Feather Meal
    Peat Moss

    Download PDF HERE

    Call for pricing & more info:  707.996.3400

  • Soiland Organic Bioswale Mix

    Soiland Bioswale Mix™

    A bioswale is a permanent, shallow landscape depression or channel used to direct stormwater to infiltration areas or engineered containment systems. Bioswales use Low Impact Development (LID) management practices – vegetated swales combine the benefits of organic matter and gravity to physically filter storm water pollutants before they reach streams and natural water resources.

    Our organic bioswale mix is a blend of loam, sand, and compost specifically engineered to meet the required infiltration rates and porosity needed for stormwater filtration and enhanced water quality for supporting plant life in bioretention areas. Soiland Organic Bioswale Mix is the first to be OMRI listed and is approved for use in city and state projects requiring best management practice (BMP) established by the EPA for stormwater treatment. Soils Plus also offers custom blended Bioswale mix to meet your specifications for infiltration and percolation rates. Please call or email us for details.


  • Soiland Structural Soil

    Soiland Structural Soil

    Soiland Structural Soil Mix is an engineered substrate soil that balances water-holding, drainage, structural and load-bearing characteristics. It is a weight-bearing soil specifically designed for urban landscape projects where trees and concrete or stone surfaces are in close proximity. Soiland Structural Soil can be compacted to the proper density to ensure pavement stability while still allowing adequate void space to support the roots in soil of surrounding trees and shrubs. This is a made to order product, please call in advance to schedule mixing.