Soils Plus produces a variety of soil blends that are ideal for large-container or raised bed gardening. Almost all of our blends contain loam and this material is typically too heavy for pots or small containers. We carry some soilless blends that are better suited for container gardening, such as our SoCO Blend and ProGrower’s Blend. Please click the pictures below to learn more about our available soil blends.

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  • Soils Plus Amended Loam

    Amended Loam

    Our Amended Loam is a versatile soil blend that meets most general landscaping needs. Lawns, perennials, and shrubs will thrive in this blend of loam, aged chicken manure, compost, forest products, iron sulfate, gypsum, and 15-15-15 nutrient mix.

  • Soils Plus Infield Mix

    Infield Mix

    This product is a mixture of our loam and red lava sand, and is a popular blend for baseball fields and tracks. We sell this mix in three ratios: 50/50 loam to lava sand, 60/40 loam to lava sand, and 70/30 loam to lava sand. The 50/50 blend is our most popular, all-purpose choice.

  • Soils Plus Loam


    We produce our loam right here at Soils Plus and it serves as the base for all our soil blends. Loam is composed of sand, silt, and clay and is a compactable product. It can be used for septic mounds, pitcher mounds, and filling in low spots. We remind all our customers that loam will not sustain plant life without additives, but we sell a variety of soil amendment that will infuse loam with all the fertilization it needs for growth.

  • Soils Plus ProGrower's Blend

    North County Bounty ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend

    ProGrower’s Blend is pre-mixed with the proper ratios of high quality organic ingredients to create a light, aerated blend that is pH balanced for professional growers. This inert blend is suitable for use with all liquid nutrient programs. This lightweight soilless blend contains no fertilizers and is an excellent medium for indoor growing systems. The dolomite lime and oyster shell flour help balance pH, while the locally sourced lava rock and perlite maintains proper aeration. This blend contains coco fiber, lava rock, perlite, redwood fiber mulch, oyster shell flour, and dolomite lime.

    You can incorporate ProGrower’s Blend into your garden in a variety of ways. The simplest is to use this blend straight out of the bag in conjunction with your favorite liquid nutrient program. Some gardeners prefer to use this blend as a premium soilless base that can be amended into a super soil of your own design. It can even be used as a rooting medium for fresh cuttings.


  • Soils Plus Organic Super Loam

    Organic Super Loam

    This organic blend is a mixture of our loam and compost. Organic Super Loam is designed for lawns, perennials, and shrubs of all types. It also works great as a base medium to amend with your favorite fertilizers for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, or anything that requires a medium-heavy soil.

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  • Soils Plus SoCO Blend

    SoCO Blend

    SoCO blend is a fully fertilized soilless mix that is pH balanced for outstanding nutrient uptake, saving you both time and money. This soilless blend is designed for heavy feeding plants and required no additional fertilization for the first 40-60 days of growth. The lava rock and perlite present in this blend will create plenty of aeration and drainage, while redwood fiber mulch and peat moss retain moisture in between watering. SoCO Blend contains peat moss, redwood fiber mulch, perlite, 5/16″ lava rock, oyster shell flour, dolomite, bone meal, blood meal, Peruvian seabird guano, greensand, potassium nitrate, triple super phosphate, ferrous sulfate, ureaform, and trace minerals.

    You can incorporate SoCO Blend into your garden in a variety of ways. The simplest is straight out of the bag for immediate use with plant starts or transplants. Some gardeners also use SoCO blend as a charged top dressing when needed.

  • Soils Plus Sonoma Premium

    Sonoma Premium

    Sonoma Premium is a great soil blend for ornamentals and veggies or herbs grown in raised beds. It’s a lightweight blend of sandy loam, forest products, aged chicken manure, compost, gypsum, and 15-15-15 nutrient mix. Its time-released fertilizer is easy on delicate flowers, but can also sustain many new garden installations including trees, shrubs and other landscaping applications.

  • Soils Plus Sonoma Valley Organic Blend

    Sonoma Valley Organic Blend

    Sonoma Valley Organic Blend is perfect for raised bed or in-ground gardening, including organic vegetable gardens, herb gardens, berries, and roses. It is a light, free draining soil composed of forest mulch, loam, aged chicken manure, compost, red lava rock, delta sand, 7-5-7, gypsum, blood meal, Peruvian seabird guano, worm castings, and oyster shell flour.

  • Soils Plus Seasonal Blend

    Top Soil Plus

    This is a re-screened blend of our topsoil mixes and fertilizers. It contains organic and commercial fertilizers, loam, sand, lava rock, forest products, mulches, and other materials we use in our topsoil. Exact ingredients fluctuate based on what is currently available in our yard. Our Top Soil Plus is great for lawns, general landscape planting, and top dressing. It also works well for projects that require ground leveling. Please call ahead for availability of this product.

  • Soils Plus Valley Vegetable

    Valley Vegetable Mix

    This is our best vegetable garden soil that we blend, typically used by our local nurseries and vegetable growers looking for a raised-bed gardening soil. Valley Vegetable is a unique mixture of loam, 5/16 lava rock, delta sand, aged chicken manure, compost, iron sulfate, gypsum, 15-15-15 nutrient mix, and forest products. It is a lightweight soil built for raised-bed gardens that encourages root growth and provides excellent drainage.