Mulch & Bark

We have a wide variety of barks and ground covers available at Soils Plus. Many of our products below are used as a mulch application to increase water retention, help suppress weeds, and provide a protective layer from other pollinating plants. Our colored barks make a beautiful addition to any landscaping project and our Redwood and Douglas fir tree ground covers are great for maintaining pathways. Please click the pictures below to learn more about our mulches, barks, and ground covers.

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  • Blonde Mulch

    Colored Mulch

    We strive to offer the highest quality colored redwood mulch products in the Sonoma County area. These products are made by a local lumber mill, colored with non-toxic dyes and sized specifically for decorative landscaping purposes. Our colored mulch is available in Black, Blonde, and Mahogany.


    Organic Arbor Mulch

    Organic Arbor Mulch is made from tree trimmings and typically consists of pine, alder, fir, poplar, redwood, and acacia trees. These woods are fed into an industrial tub grinder to create usable mulch pieces. Top dress with 2-3 inches of Arbor Mulch for an inexpensive solution for moisture retention, weed control, and erosion.  It’s particularly effective in hillside applications with high winds. Arbor Mulch has a natural forest floor appearance and the fines present in the material make it a comfortable, compacted walking surface.


  • Raw Fir Bark

    Raw Fir Bark

    A decorative bark made from Douglas fir trees, this is the perfect material for home or commercial use where a more uniformed look is desired. Most particles will be between 2-3 inches in length and less than a half an inch thick.

  • Fine Shredded Redwood

    Shredded Redwood Bark

    Also known as Angel Hair, Shredded Redwood is a double-grind redwood product. It’s a great ground cover for sloping landscapes or places where mulch gets walked on a lot.