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What, When & Why of Using Compost

Confused about taking care of your soil?  Soils Plus in Sonoma is here to help! As we all know, in order to grow healthy, vigorous plants we need healthy, vigorous soil. It’s vital that you take some time to prep your soil with compost before any plants go in the ground. Soil with more clay and […]

Low Tunnel Greenhouse

How to Build a Low Tunnel Greenhouse

How To Build A Low Tunnel Greenhouse at Home As summer winds down and I look forward to longer nights and cool mornings, I’ve started to think about winter gardening.  I’ve been busy this week sourcing supplies to ‘construct’ my own simple ‘low tunnel greenhouse’, basically, a temporary micro-greenhouse – in order to keep growing food and […]

Lawn Removal

Remove Your Lawn, Create The Yard of Your Dreams!

As we get into the heat of the summer it can be difficult to keep even the healthiest lawns green without daily watering.  If you aren’t struggling to keep your lawn green, you may be one of the many homeowners who stopped watering during the drought, and now have a brown weedy mess left as […]


Why You Need to Plant a Hedgerow

When extolling the virtues of organic farming and gardening, I always feel that it’s important to focus on the positive impacts we’re able to have on our soil and environment, rather than just reciting a list of the things we don’t do. Sure, we don’t use harsh pesticides and other chemicals, we tend not to […]